Es ist kein Zeichen von Gesundheit, an eine von Grund auf kranke Gesellschaft gut angepasst zu sein.

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Some people just like to belittle others, how rude anon.


Having a discussion with those who disagree with me is important and always welcome. Talking about anything only with people who agree with you keeps your mind closed and only touches one side of an argument.

The thing that bothered me about that message was the implication that some travel is better than others. That simply isn’t the case. Any kind of personal growth is positive, it doesn’t matter how you do it.

Some individuals are limited in the kind of travel they can do, with variables such as money, mental or physical ability, and personal preference needing to be taken into account.

Labelling one as better than the other is a privileged point of view that ignores any outside factors. It isn’t the kind of thinking that I want to encourage.

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Girls enjoying school in Indonesia


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